Mentor Spotlight: Meet Dan

Menor Spotlight

Dan enjoys a refreshing bottle of Diet Coke and always shared a weekly fair scone with Kayla, the Boat Shop Dog. 

He’s been a mentor and supporter to the Boat Builders since the day we moved into the community, and has worked closely with Chuck, Program Facilitator, for over 13 years.  It’s not rare to see Dan in the shop four days a week.

As an integral part of program, Dan is a strategic thinker, observer of human behavior, and listens carefully to those who disclose to him.  Dan has developed and mastered these skills and competencies from 30 years in the U.S. Air Force as a Chief Master Sergeant; he was an adviser for top military generals and directors during the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, and mentor to many troops. Our community is grateful to have the presence of such a gifted craftsperson.

As many mentors have noted, Dan is a mentor’s mentor always willing to share his genuine and natural insights that help him connect with others, especially when it comes to welcoming our youth.  As with many of our volunteer mentors, Dan is highly respected role-model for everyone at Tacoma Boat Builders, and he serves as an important adviser to the staff, especially when sorting out complex challenges our youth are experiencing and thinking about how TCBB can continue to set the standard for running great youth programs.

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