Today is a Good Day to Share a Lucky Penny

Previous Next Occasionally, when you take a stroll outside, you’ll catch a glimpse of a penny or two.   More often than not, you may pass

A Letter from the Founder

Dear Friends of Tacoma Boat Builders, We are a community dedicated to helping young people find their way through a program based on restorative justice,

Boat Builders Through The Lens of an Artist

“Day in the life of the Boat Shop” NhattNichols is a graphic journalist who combines her comic book andpoetry backgrounds to create true hand-drawn stories.

Boats Taken In

Throughout the world, stories are passed down, and art is created. For Tacoma Boat Builders,  these stories are often tales of the water and its

The Bad One

I’d like to invite you to do a little experiment in empathy with me. Imagine yourself to be one of several children in your family.